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May 17 2019 (Friday) - Golf Chaos at Southern Hills GC
May 17 2019 (Friday) - Golf Chaos at Southern Hills GC
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GOLF CHAOS at Southern Hills GC in Farmington, MN.

Start Time: 6:00PM

Cost is $15 per player (+tax) and includes 9 holes of golf, riding cart. Optional Skins Pot and Hole-in-One prize pools available at the course at checkin

Course: Southern Hills GC in Farmington, MN.
Visit www.SouthernHillsGolfCourse.com for course info and directions.

    • Up to 50 golfers play the same hole at the same time.

    • All holes are converted into Par 3 holes ranging from 100 to 150 yards in length. Takes 2 hours per 9 hole event.

    • Participants pay a $15+tx entry fee for golf & cart. Optional skins ($10) and HIO contest ($5) available at check-in. Hole-in-One prize pool which accumulates event to event if there are no HIO's at an event.

    • 5 golfers hit approach shots at the same time (so waves of 5 players at a time). No practice swings allowed (we donít want to tear up the course with divots & speeds up play).

    • Everyone who misses the green chips at the same time.

    • Everyone who is on the green putts out beginning with those unobstructed by other players. Several waves of putts completes the hole.

    • Only birdies or hole-in-ones matter. Pick up after your 2nd shot which keeps things moving.

    • If you make a hole-in-one, all participating players pitch in and buy YOUR drinks. Weíre reversing the dumb tradition of the one who gets the HIO has to pay for others because thatís just stupid.

    • All players use a divot mat to protect the course from getting shredded and we fix all divots on each green before moving on to the next hole. We always leave a course looking BETTER than when we started.

    • Skins winnings are paid as VISA gift cards to protect USGA amateur status. GOLF CHAOS events are open to everyone.

    • Ace cams on every hole with up to $10,000 in cash available if course offers a Swing King hole-in-one program!

Questions or problems registering online? Email info@twincitiesgolf.com.

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